If you ever need to serve as or hire a trustee, executor, or investment advisor for your own money or that of family or friends, you must understand what "fiduciary responsibility" means. Guerdon Ely's book is the fastest, most boredom-free, way to gain that understanding.

     Natalie B. Choate, Esq.,    
    Author, Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits

An exceptionally entertaining book that uses a unique story telling format to define fiduciaries and explain their duties in terms that are easily understood. Guerdon’s simple and concise summarization of the elements of "prudence" alone makes this book worth reading.

     David O’Leary, Esq.,     
    Senior Counsel, Holland & Knight LLP

This book is brilliant! Fiduciary responsibility can be very dry reading but the author’s use of autobiographical tales makes it an extremely enjoyable process.

     June Hunt,
    Retired CFO

Superbly written, Ely brings the objective standards of modern prudent fiduciary investing to life. A must read for anyone entrusted with the duties of a fiduciary. 

     Katherine Simmonds,
    Director of Financial Planning

Ely brings a common sense approach to fiduciary investing. I find myself reading his stories to friends and colleagues, not only for the content but also for the humor! CPAs and attorneys must recommend this book to all their clients who are fiduciaries.

     Glenn Freed, PhD,
    Vice President, A Major Investment Management Firm
    Former Accounting Professor, University of Southern California

I am not a fiduciary, but once I started this book I didn't put it down. Guerdon did an excellent job of using personal stories to bring out the points he was making. This was easy to read, fun, but communicated the financial principles Guerdon was making.    
    Edward Knight    
    Retired Insurance Company Executive

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  I not only learned about fiduciary responsibility but also about beekeeping, fly fishing, and other activities I knew little about.  Guerdon has done a truly superior job of tying the final paragraph of his stories to the opening one - and using it to reiterate the point he is making.

     Carolynn Reynolds,
    University Department Dean

Guerdon is a good storyteller.  His stories not only illustrate interesting things about fiduciaries and how they work, but they also tell a lot about himself.  The segue from the story into the point he is trying to make is effortless.

     Marion O’Leary
    Retired University Department Dean

First things first, the book is well written - clear, concise, and engaging. Mr. Ely has a seemingly endless string of stories. The book is also exceptionally well organized. Good work! Great book!

     John Pattison
    Professional Writer


Believe me, reading about a fiduciary's responsiblities can be pretty boring stuff, buy Ely's little "fables" make it quite enjoyable.  No small feat.

     Robert Speer
    Editor, Chico News and Review